Style Tips to Refresh your Wardrobe

New Year, New Wardrobe: As you make your list of personal goals, you may include updating the clothing in your closet.

Donate Old Clothing

First and Foremost make room for the new. Decide which garments you want to keep and what you can part with to make more room.

Begin To Rebuild

Purchase new garments with a purpose in mind. Carefully inspect clothing for color, design, and style before deciding to buy it.

      PRO TIP:

Make sure your updated wardrobe has at least one fashion staple and statement piece.

    Categorize Your Closet

Keeping your closet organized makes creating outfits a lot easier and saves time


There are things you just can't get rid of, like seasonal clothes... Keep out of season clothes in the back of your closet.

Know Your Style

One style tip to refresh your wardrobe many fashionistas will tell you is that fashion is about expression, so wear what’s most comfortable.

Look at the clothing you already own and note what you love about it.


Invest in good gold pleated or gold imitation jewels that go perfect with a minimalist wardrobe and classic pieces. 

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. - Mirielys