The Places to Begin: How to Make Sure You’re Looking After Your New Home Properly

The Places to Begin: How to Make Sure You’re Looking After Your New Home Properly

Those people who decide to buy a home for the first time instantly find themselves on an amazing adventure. A new home is the perfect place to begin, but for all of the hard work you’ve done to get onto the property ladder, it is critical to understand what it takes to look after a brand new home, whether it’s been built brand new or you are moving into an older property. Here are a few things to bear in mind: 

The Structure

You may have been so desperate to get into your own property that you’ve potentially overlooked some of the key structural aspects, for example, the roofing. It’s important to assess the roof, which many roofing companies can help you with, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a complete walkthrough of your property when it’s empty, and in addition to the structure and the roofing, consider the following: 

  • Ensure the previous owner has made all of the requested or agreed repairs. 
  • The house is free of dirt, mold, pests, and debris. 
  • Everything is in working order, such as the outlets and doors. 

Ensure Your Property Is Safe

You need to make sure that your property is secure in many different ways. Firstly, make sure that the smoke detector is working properly, and the electrics are working and secure, but also ensure that your property will protect you if you ever experience a burglary. You can get security systems to ensure that you look after your property. 

Consider Asbestos, Lead Paint, and Radon

Depending on when the property was built you may find that any of these three components cause life-threatening issues with your property. There are specialists that can help you with all three. When it comes to asbestos, if you find yourself living in a property that has asbestos, either in a basement or a room that went unused for years, you should not attempt to get rid of it yourself. Any interference with asbestos can release the particles into the air. You should seek the help of asbestos removal specialists.

Checking the Plumbing

If you move into this property during the winter, and the house has been left empty, if there has been a spell of cold weather it’s critical to make sure that you turn on the main supply stopcocks and the stopcocks of the downpipes from the hot water and cold water storage tanks. Any home in the bleak midwinter with frozen pipes can break and leave your home without heating.

Get Into the Habit of Maintenance and Inspections

The best thing you can do to make sure that you are giving your property what it needs is to learn a little bit of DIY and get into the maintenance mindset. There are basic DIY practices that we should all know how to do, and once we have an understanding of what it is that keeps our home up and running, it’s these little fixes that can ensure that our home is the perfect property.

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