My Perfect Morning Routine

My Perfect Morning Routine

Sometimes mornings for me are a little bit crazy but when I get the chance my morning plays out like this:

Waking up 
I don’t know about you but I HATE waking up to an annoying alarm. I replace the alarm sound with “Here comes the Sun” by The Beatles. When I hear it, I ease into waking up. 

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Pick Up a book 
I usually have a book ready to go beside my bed for the morning because I hate looking at my phone when I get up. Reading a book right when you wake up gets your mind working and is a great way to wake your brain up. I’d suggest reading a self-improvement book to get you motivated for the say.

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Make my bed 
SUPER important. I can not leave my house without making my bed because then I feel unaccomplished right at the beginning of the day. I highly suggest you do the same because it just makes your room look so much cleaner afterward.

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Wash my face 
Once I set down my book, I head over to the sink to wash my face with cold water and to brush my teeth to freshen up before heading to the gym.

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Work Out 
Although it is a challenge getting myself there, working out is great to get yourself moving and live a healthier life. I also tend to feel great afterward and more energized. I usually run for ten minutes first, then do some weights.

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Make breakfast 
After I get back I’m usually hungry so I make my everyday breakfast. I eat a simple easy breast that consists of avocado toast and a green smoothie with a bunch of fruit and vegetables. 

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Shower & do my morning skincare routine 
Once I finish I hop into the shower (try to use cold water). After I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my skin to try to control my acne.

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Get dressed & do my make up 
My advice? Plan your outfit the night before. Somedays its quick and easy but other times we’re not so lucky. After I get dressed, I do my make up. I take about ten minutes for my everyday makeup. I go for a simple look that only requires me to apply foundation, blush, mascara, brow gel, and some chapstick. Then I’m out the door.

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I hope you try out my routine or even incorporate one or more of these steps in your mornings. Remember to start off with a positive mind each morning!

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