Mirielys Perez, A lifestyle and beauty blogger in Miami where I share my tips on products, makeup, hair tutorials, fashion and more! Life is about having fun, feeling fearless, and living it up!

Meet Mirielys Perez

Mirielys or Miry as she is liked to be called, is a young mom and entrepreneur with a love of wellness, beauty, fashion, fitness, and helping others feel good and look good. Her passion for blogging and sharing a little bit of positivity with the world has led her to create lifestyle blogger 3 helpful outlets for her followers. 


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Forever Fearless Magazine- Lifestyle Blogger

Gender inequality and gender indiscrimination are two persistent issues all across the world today. It exists everywhere, in each and every nook and corner of the world. Women are still considered weak and inferior to men even though they have challenged time and again the old conventional thoughts and have proved that they are mentally, physically and emotionally equal to the opposite gender.

In situations like these, a women empowerment magazine helps and encourages lots of oppressed and uninspired women to step out of their homes for financial independence, embrace newer and modern methods of taking care of their physical and mental health and overall focus on achieving better self-esteem.  Our women empowerment magazine focuses majorly on motivating women from all walks of life to attempt newer things, to set new goals and work towards achieving it – be it a hobby, a career, a different line of beauty care products, lifestylefashion, and fitness.

With articles and blogs contributed by real-time Miami bloggers who have been bold enough to take on something unique in life, have set themselves free from gender bias and have accomplished the unimaginable – it has set the ball rolling. You would find articles from fashion blogger Miami to help understand the latest in the fashion world, the in-vogue office dress, the haircut or the hairstyle and lots more. The Miami beauty blogger recommends newer products in the make-up market with facts to substantiate it, tips on personal grooming, ways to look good and confident that are practical and can be included as part of one’s daily routine. The Miami fitness blog centers on ways to live healthily and the power of physical exercise and training on positive thinking and regaining self-confidence. Skin club Fillers provide solutions and tips on how women can keep their skin healthy and clean. 

This women empowerment magazine has accreditation from the South Florida Influencers, a bloggers union that helps women network and gain strength from each other’s works and experiences.

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