The PMS Package Review

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The PMS Package is a period subscription box to help you confidently get through that time of the month it helps with your cravings and pampering yourself!


The PMS package has a couple of options´┐╝ $15/month for the mini package, $25/month for the original package, and $30/month for the premium package. Shipping is an additional charge.

Some of the products that you will find in the package includes delicious Snacks, beauty items, and hygiene products.


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6 Comments on “The PMS Package Review”

  1. Ania

    I’ve never heard about it before but I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea! Even the fact that you’re getting that package which is like a lovely box of treats you truly deserve during that difficult time, is a real mood-booster. I’d love to get one of those if only they delivered to Ireland ­čÖé

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