Fantastic Ways to Boost Your Core

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There are loads of great activities that will boost your core, rather than trying continuous sit-ups day in day out, which we have all tried!

It is super important to have a good core, not only to have abs that look good,  but for your posture, and strength as well which will help you no matter what sport or activities you do with your body.

There are certain activities you can do though, that will work your core, without you even realising it. Here are a few ways to achieve a strong core, without having to do a million sit-ups, which can get really boring after a while. Read on to find the best ways you can make your core strong, and ready for anything.




Swimming is a great way to improve your core. When you are in the water, the only thing holding your body horizontal is your core. When you take each stroke feel how your core is engaging when you push down. Whatever stroke you prefer, think about engaging your core, and you can’t go too wrong if you’re trying to work on core strength. Take your time with it, and make sure you have time to take a breath when you need it. Get yourself a costume and some goggles, and get down the pool.



Yoga is an ancient activity practiced for many years, and over the past few decades has boomed in the West. Yoga is one of the best ways to get your core into shape. Just like swimming, you are constantly engaging your core to hold the poses and keep your body upright. You should practice your poses slowly and with strength while concentrating on your breathing. Thinking about your breathing means you are reaching all your muscles, tensing and relaxing them as you inhale and exhale. Remember to get the right yoga clothes, that are comfortable and easy to move in. When doing exercise it’s important not to hold your breath, but to breath so so all your muscles can be engaged properly, so you make good use of the exercises you are doing.

Mix Up the Sit Ups

As well as sit-ups, there are loads of great exercises you can do on land that directly target your core and abs. Anything from planking, with side planks, mountain climber, crunches, and remember squats are a great exercise that engages your core as well. Doing rounds of these kinds of exercises, even just once a week will get your core strength up in no time. Pairing these exercises with cardio, means you are using these muscles differently. Challenging your muscles to new things, and mixing things up, will make your core super strong.


There are so many ways to get an amazing core, and these are just a few ideas to get you started. All kinds of cardio engage your core, but swimming and yoga are ones that will really target this area. Pairing this with drills that target your core, means you will be strong in no time.

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