4 Simple Ways To Relieve Stiff Joints

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You don’t have to be over the age of fifty to suffer from stiff and aching joints. Whether it’s acute or chronic, the pain from throbbing joints can be excruciating and debilitating. It can be difficult to go about your daily life, move or even function normally. Finding out the cause of your pain is important. It could be arthritis, … Read More

If You Are What You Eat, What Should You Be Eating?

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To say many of us have a complicated relationship with food would be an understatement. Food production and practices are the source of much controversy. Add to that the issues many of us experience with body image, and you’ve got a tricky subject indeed. Amidst all the confusion, it’s no wonder many of us lose sight of what we should … Read More

Eat Your Way To Healthier Skin!

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The old adage “you are what you eat” is never more truer than when we are talking about the health of our skin. Cosmetic manufacturers insist that their new (and expensive) lotion, potion and cream will perform miracles in rejuvenating our skin with vitality and youth. In reality what we eat and drink on a daily basis has more of … Read More

How to Make Your Skin Glow Every Day of the Week

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Is your skin causing you problems right now? You’re not the only one; many people have problems with their skin, and if yours doesn’t have that glow that you see other people with, it’s very easy to get frustrated with your situation. Your frustration won’t bring you results though. Instead, you need to take action so that your skin always … Read More