How To Handle Sudden Expenses and Financial Emergencies

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During your lifetime, you never really know when you are going to be hit with a financial emergency. Perhaps your car suddenly breaks down, you need to undertake some essential work on your home or you even lose your job. While you can never fully be prepared for these events, you can equip yourself to handle them in the best … Read More

The Serious Psychological Impact Of Debt

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You don’t need me to tell you that being in a lot of debt is a bad thing. It means that you’ve got less money to spend, all of your extra cash is being eaten up by interest payments and you can’t afford to save up for the future. In short, your financial situation is incredibly unstable while you’re in … Read More

Troubles In Paradise? The Little Niggles That Can Eat Away At Your Relationship

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A loving relationship is the greatest thing that anybody can ever experience, but maintaining the happiness isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, the complexities of modern life can encourage an array of new obstacles to surface. If you spot any of the four below, attending to those issues ASAP is essential. Otherwise, they will slowly tear love apart at the seams. A … Read More