Bare Minerals.

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I was at Ulta with my boyfriend about a month and a half back and I went straight to the PUR Minerals section to get my second helping of foundation, when my boyfriend stops me and say’s why don’t you try Bare Minerals (just two isles down) because he had seen the commercials on TV. I like to try new things out so I went two isles down and pickd up a Bare Minerals original in Golden Medium. I’ve been trying it since then and I must say that the commercials make it out to be more than it really is. The coverage isn’t as great as they claim it to be. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a bad product the coverage is there but I see more coverage using PUR minerals. I guess you have to give both of them a try and really see which one is the best for you and your skin type. I am glad I tried it, but after my Bare Minerals foundation is gone I am going back to purchasing PUR Minerals.   

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