Alicia Keys Makeup-Free Look

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At the MTV Video Music Awards, we saw a lot of gorgeous smoky eyes, wavy hair and bold fashion. To stand out from the crowd, you might assume it would take something drastic, but that wasn’t the case for Alicia Keys. The beautiful and talented Alicia Keys made headlines when she decided to go “makeup free” which she absolutely slayed the red carpet bare faced. The Crazy part is that some people seem to have a problem with it, crazy right? I think it’s absolutely refreshing to see someone comfortable enough with herself to say hey I don’t want to wear makeup today to please other people. I can totally relate to her, I am makeup free about 80% of the time and at first it was a little uncomfortable to be without it. However, I stopped caring and realized I love makeup and putting it on, but I don’t want to or need to wear it all the time.

This “makeup free” movement could be a huge step in changing the way women feel about their natural beauty and helping them learn to love the skin they’re in, especially our younger generations who idolize women in the celebrity industry.


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  1. Luc

    Totally agree! I’m makeup free 100% of the time because in my opinion I look better without it and people judge me by saying I’m not putting ‘effort’ in. Alicia is gorgeous and I’m so glad she had the confidence to do this, seeing her boosts my own confidence!

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